Ballern macht doof!

Interview aus dem Jahr 2001 mit David A. Christian, höchst ausgezeichneter US-Soldat im Vietnam Krieg:

Amazing. But knowing your past and what you’ve survived, what does going to war mean to you?

Christian: It’s kind of a breakdown in society when you have war. It means that all diplomatic negotiations have failed. Unfortunately, people don’t realize that not every country is like the rest of the civilized world. There are some countries that may not even be third-world countries. Some are fourth-world countries, and they have few televisions. A whole family or village will gather around a TV and see western TV. They’ll see teenagers driving around in cars and having a wonderful life, and that builds jealousy and resentment, and out of jealousy sometimes comes hatred. You just can’t prevent bad guys. There’s always going to be Hitlers, Mussolinis, and Stalins. We’re trying to stop these evildoers in terrorism from creating more evil and destruction.

Kommentar: Ein Beweis, dass Soldatentum und Intelligenz selten einher gehen.


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